Prevent Child Abuse Illinois

The Blue Kids Lake County Project

The Blue Kids Lake County Project is committed to keeping our children safe. Our goal is to demonstrate support for children everywhere.

Blue Kids

Activation of the Blue Kids Project includes:
Raising awareness by displaying Blue Kids throughout the county. Providing an educational website that includes information on child abuse, building healthy families, and community resources. Engaging all members of the Lake County community to recognize that they can positively impact children’s lives. Utilizing social media to further the message of the Blue Kids Project.


APRIL is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Here’s what you can do to support the end of child abuse:

  1. Get Involved – Click HERE order a Blue Kid today!
  2. Like us on Facebook for updates and information.
  3. Follow us on Twitter
  4. Talk to your loved ones about ending Child Abuse!
  5. Post pictures on Facebook of “Blue Kids” sightings!

Child and candle30 Healthy Ways To Teach Kids About Consent

Create a future with less rape and sexual assault by teaching children about having empathy for others and understanding consent.

Condensed and reprinted with permission from The Good Men Project.